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   ‘No man is an island, entire of itself,’ a poet once said centuries ago. Synthetic rubber production, trade and consumption are not standalone processes and the companies involved do not function on their own. Each market player is a living cell of a creature, or a cog in a machine if you prefer, connected with the others with thousands of wire ropes. The 2022 global economic developments forged some links and broke others, interfering with the normal performance of the entire machine. To regain ground and get it all up and running, we need more light than ever.

   Chem-Courier team does not possess the powers to fix it all and does not have all the answers to tricky questions. What we do have is the suggestion that all the industry professionals should exchange their intellectual powers and experiences at Chem-Courier Global Synthetic Rubber and Tyre Conference in Prague, the Czech Republic, on 7-8 June 2023. We are positive that the time when people who know their business gather together for a purpose is well-spent.

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CARBON BLACK KFT (Hungary) will take part in the Global Synthetic Rubber and Tire conference. The composition of the delegation is formed.